We bring the auction to you.

If you need to sell equipment that's hard to move or is located in remote regions, or it makes more sense to sell it where it sits, we can bring the auction to you. We conduct auctions at mine sites, construction sites and forestry camps, or we can lease a piece of property for your auction.

Talk to a representative near you about your selling options—obligation free.

Same full-service, fully-mobile.

We can take the same full-service, professional auctions you'll find at any Ritchie Bros. auction site out on the road. Our service includes:

  • A comprehensive marketing campaign
  • Preparing your site and equipment for sale – setting up tents, chairs and building a ramp for equipment to drive across while being sold
  • Staging the equipment for buyer inspections
  • Handling all buyer inquiries and inspections
  • Providing transport from parking areas to where items are being sold
  • Making food and beverages available for bidders
  • Conducting the auction with full staff, professional auctioneers and everything needed to broadcast the auction live to online bidders
  • Collecting proceeds of sale on your behalf
Biết được thiết bị của quý vị trị giá bao nhiêu.

Biết được thiết bị của quý vị trị giá bao nhiêu.

Tạo một trương mục miễn phí hoặc đăng nhập để xem giá bán thiết bị trong 2 năm.

Muốn bán thiết bị?

Muốn bán thiết bị?

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